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Auto-executed contracts.
Ensured compliance.

We turn contracts into auto-executed digital processes, with verifiable data
so everyone can feel safe throughout the whole contracting period.

Ensure contractual obligations with Cross Sign.

verifiable data

We integrate with data sources specific to the industries we provide contracts within, to ensure data input, compliance & enable auto-execution.

customer centric

We design the workflow process, dashboard analytics & integrations in collaboration with industry stakeholders.


As our contract templates are strict, negotiation interations are made much more efficient as well as the whole lifecycle of the contract.

Never miss an important contractual event again.

With Cross Sign, you will always get notifications about everything that happens with the contract. You’ll receive notifications about signings, milestones, terminations, change requests etc.

We reinvent trust.

Historically, contracts have been infused with trust that is based on relationships beyond contractual agreements. This continuously changes incrementally as everything we do becomes more digital and our partners are not as local or known as they used to be. This causes lack of trust and uncertainty in contractual compliance, and can result in the breach of contracts which can be very costly and waste resources and time. Cross Sign is safe like nothing else out there. We convert agreements with high risk to SaaS, ensuring compliance and trustlessness.

Our Mission

We have built Cross Sign on the basis of the current trust gap in society and online. Our ambition is to commercialize trust over the internet for everyone, mitigating malicious activities and reducing inequalities. There is an ever increasing need for trusted agreements online since fraud poses a real risk in our digital life.

Sample industries.

Real Estate

The safest and most efficient product for leasing real etate, first and second hand, where we ensure that all parties are compliant. Our product ensures identity and that all parties acknowledge the agreement.


Create transparency and seamless contracting processes throughout all tiers of subcontractor, to prevent misconduct or illegal activities. We also ensures that the subcontractors have the correct licensing to perform the tasks defined.

Industry B2B

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And many more.


Create and provide parametric insurance services, which are integrated with trusted sources and auto-executed upon the insurance policy defined. Adds high value within e.g. agriculture, SCM, hospitality, and other weather dependent industries.

Supply Chain Management

Keep track of the whole supply chain and be ensured about the origin of your goods with auto-ensured compliance per defined in the terms and conditions.

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”


“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”


“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”


Let’s collaborate on making
contracts trusted again.

We strive to make it easier to attain and feel trust with contractual
counterparties within all lines of business and online.
Get in touch with us if you want to take your contract management to the next level.